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Jul 24, 2018by Realty Decoded

Looking for rental homes? Trend of co-living space in India

A new concept that is fast catching up in in metros these days is co-living. This is a nice concept for those moving to new cities for jobs or re settlement. Even a bunch of startups are busy growing this market for organized rentals by purchasing a property, furnishing them and renting them out to people. As

If you are looking to economise your rental spend, this is a great pick. Co-living space is a way of living in shared accommodation for more fulfilling lifestyle in urban metros and creating a convenient living.

Especially for women, it is difficult to find a suitable accommodation that is both safe and convenient. Looking for a shared space that has all the basic amenities and facilities sometimes becomes a big task.

The scope of co-living is expanding with the student community moving and sharing a house while completing their education. They prefer to stay with their friends and As share a living space as their interests and style of living starts overlapping to a good extent and co-living starts making them see the plenty of advantages it carry.

The basic advantage of choosing a co-living space on rent is that you do not have to worry about basic requirements. It will be a wonderful experience while you stay in a rented accommodation by sharing your expenditure which would be relatively cheaper and comfortable. The tenants will not have bear the entire expenditure of maintaining a house and it will reduce costs. It is growing concept in all metro cities and soon is moving towards tier 1 and 2 cities as well.

As the needs are growing, co-living is gaining popularity across the world. Some of the leading International players that are a part of this concept are We Live, Common and You. In India, it is a $10 – billion plus market.

Are you planning to put your house on rent?

Many people renting a part of their home or their extra property on rent for extra income, to save money or pay down bills. For organized rentals, there are a many brokers and As professionals growing in the market. They take over your properties, furnish them and rent it to people. They make alluring packages that also include certain basic facilities such as Wi-Fi, laundry, furnishings, power backup and a common kitchen. If you are looking to rent your vacant home you can reach these service providers. As Though it may seem to be a simple task but is essential to hire professionals so make sure that you are not disobeying any tax laws and property rules.

The conclusion

Co – living idea is very suitable for the young generation who are moving from their native cities to other more developed cities for employment and studies. Convert your apartments and villas to co-living hubs by loading them with all basic amenities. It is a beneficial process for both homeowners and people looking to stay. As With the concept of co-working already popular, co-living projects are fast moving as a new trend now.