Things to consider when hiring a real estate developer

Aug 14, 2018by Realty Decoded

With the plenty of professionals moving around in this fields and looking for opportunities to cut deals and corners, it is important for these professionals to take a few fundamental considerations into account.

There are several factors important in the decision-making process. As When evaluating developers and designer/builders, it is important to consider each and every aspect of the project life cycle.

Thus, you must select the real estate developer by researching on the points mentioned below:

What is Their Background?

When choosing real estate developer, knowing their background is the first and foremost thing to do. This will help you to know their track record, projects, and delivery rate. If you have picked the right one, they will surely have at least one successful project completed. As the market is filling with new real estate developers it is essential to check developers background. As

Here are some ways to do that:

  • Visit their website online
  • Talk to the previous clients
  • .

  • Visit their ongoing construction site to know work quality, materials, and layout.

How Financially Secure They Are?

If your real estate developer is going through financial troubles, it is not good for you because:

  • He can’t deliver project on time because of delays
  • He can resort to the cheap material
  • He can raise costs with hidden charges

Ask for the business reports of real estate developers, so that you do not hand over your project to bankrupt developers. Consult from bankers to know their financial position. You can also look at their sale of units and success rate to get an estimation of the financial health of the developer’s company. Research completely and then finalize it.

Time frame for completion

A real estate developer will complete the project within the stipulated time frames if he is a responsible real estate developer. Keep a check if he has poor records of keeping the agreed upon schedule. Some companies are answerable to the company stakeholders and are under the pressure to hand over the project on time. Know about the company from previous customers if they are capable of timely deliveries of projects in the agreed upon time frames.

Quality check

Some builders try to use inferior material that causes damage of property. So, you need to pay attention toward the building materials and quality of services. As previous clients or visit their site to know about the quality of the materials. Investigate about the builders and employees behavior and professionalism. This will also help you to know the quality of workmanship, practices, and materials they would provide you.


A reputable developer should be willing to resolve the issue if the proposed project is out of reach due to image reasons. Because of this, there might be certain postponing of the project and assisting the organization in corrective measures, such as an image change. With local authorities, appearance is everything which can impact the project. For necessary approvals, hire developers that can project the company’s image in an accurate way and a company that has examples of how they provide solutions to unexpected problems.

Throughout the course of the project, it is the responsibility of real estate developer to provide outstanding client service. So, thoroughly interview past clients of the development under consideration and ask about post-project interactions. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a successful outcome that will exceed your expectations.